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Daycare is not always the best environment for every dog.


Determining suitability starts with booking your dog in for a complimentary 2 hour session. Your dog will be observed as an individual as well as how they get on with the other dogs.

If your dog exhibits social traits indicating he/she would truly enjoy daycare – then you are open to book with us as you like.

If your dog “tells” us, through their body language and responses that they aren’t really up for such a social environment – then we will share that with you and offer suggestions for in-home care or better suited solutions to your dog care needs.  

There’s nothing wrong with your dog if he/she is not “the day care type,” please understand decisions are based on what we perceive best for each individual dog and for the safety and enjoyment of all our canine guests.

We believe in setting your dog up for success and may recommend schedule changes in terms of days or drop off and pick up hours to promote the most positive day for your dog.

After all, it’s all about the dogs here at Elora Doggy Daycare!


Dogs that most benefit from daycare are typically outgoing, playful & enjoy the company of other dogs.

Noting shy dogs can benefit greatly with the right introduction to a daycare setting - building their confidence with other dogs and people too! 

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