Courses offered:

  • 3 hour First-Aid Fundamentals - live online

  • full day K9 Emergency First-Aid - on site 

  • 2 hour Dog Safety for Kids - on site 

3 hour online interactive K9 first-aid basics


Wednesday, July 15th   6 - 9pm 

COST: $70 Cdn + HST 

Join us from the comfort & safety of home. Learn about preventative care and basic first aid for your dog as well as how to buy time en-route to veterinary care in an emergency!

Class is offered LIVE online. Topics covered:

basic healthcare, nutritional needs, parasite control,  tick removal, injury prevention, safe muzzling, vital signs, skunk spray, ear, eye, mouth injuries, sliced pads, torn nails, bloat, poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea, administering medications, attending to wounds, lacerations, splinting & stabilizing for transport to your veterinarian.

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